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All human-Beings share in common certain fundamental needs in order to realize a state of well-Being and fulfillment in Life.  These are things like physical needs such as pure water and air, nutritious food and safe shelter, emotional needs, mental needs, creative needs, social needs and alone time and rest.  We are united together to research and develop technologies, strategies and systems to empower all people and to support the highest version of Life on this planet.  For too long we have been focused on our differences, difference in skin color, in social class, in political or sexual preferences.  We have been divided among ourselves resulting in conflict and competition. We have been too focused on Democrats vs. Republicans, Black vs. White, etc. As a result of our division we have been conquered and manipulated by mega-corporations, politicians and the like.  Through our division, children fill their bellies with mud-cookies because the don't have access to proper food.  We have been polluting our home, and overfishing our seas.  We claim that there are enough resources on our planet for all of us and many many more to live abundant and fulfilled lives.  It only requires that we unite in our hearts, heads and hands and come up with creative solutions to these problems and implement them.  If we choose to remain divided, we will fall.  However, if we united together we may all be lifted up and experience a level of prosperity and well-Being on this planet never seen before.  Now is the time.  We have before us the greatest opportunity of known time.  Imagine what would happen if a mere 1% of the world population, approximately 76 million people, were to unite as a collective force of love, compassion and intelligence.  If one percent of us merely pooled one dollar per person per month, we would generate nearly 1 billion dollars per year to come up with and implement creative solutions to the world's problems.  We contend that the world would be transformed very rapidly, and instead of us destroying ourselves through environmental or social crisis, we can take another path that leads to peace and prosperity across the entire planet.  Unite with us!  Join the movement that shatters history and transforms the world into the one we've always desired.

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