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United People is a: transnational, decentralized and autonomous NGO formed and funded as a GRASSROOTS movement by the people, for the people and governed directly by the people.

We are on a MISSION to unite the People of the world and harness our collective compassion, intelligence and power in order to formulate and execute creative solutions that address the world’s most pressing problems.   We behold a unified vision to co-create a world that is the beautiful, safe and prosperous home we all desire for our selves, our friends, our family and our global community in the present as well as for future generations to come.

United People is a social experiment of empowered humanity. 


What happens when millions or even billions of compassionate and intelligent people come together as equals, with mutual respect and love, and a unified intent to do our part to make this world better for all Life living on our small planet?  This is the question that United People seeks to answer.

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