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Steps of Success


  1. The first step is simple.  Spread the Word.  Unite the People.

    1. Register as a Member of United People

    2. Tell friends and Family about UP and encourage them to join the cause

      1. In 1984 fashion ​the world's free speech is being censored by the likes of Zach Fuckerberg and Jack Ass Dorsey.  This means that we must spread the word around campfires and neighborhood yodals. 

  2. Raise initial funds via Paypal on United People Website

    1. Initial funds will be used for three primary purposes

      1. Initiate and Complete Project "Time Machine" aka "Tiny Tim" aka "Zero Point.

        1. An artistic co-creation that will bring awareness to the masses about United People while generating additional resources to propel our movement.

    2. Develop app and Payment Card

      1. app will automatically donate all "change" from member purchases to United People.  "Change" is the dollar amount when purchase total is rounded to the next dollar.  For example if a member goes to the grocery store and the purchase total is $98.72, their total will be raised to $99.  The change for this transaction would 28 cents and would be donated automatically to United People Foundation.

      2. The Payment Card will be a card that combines all credit cards, debit cards and cryptocurrency into one card and may be used where any standard credit card may be used.  Users will also have the option to pay by a smart phone app and not need to carry any phone around.

      3. This step is number two because it will be a way to generate large amounts of capital

    3. Develop opensource platform for members of United People to connect and manage the direction of United People.​​

      1. Open Source Platform will​

        1. Be Secure​

        2. Protect Privacy with no need for identification/validation

        3. No Sensorship

        4. No Data Collecting

        5. Free/non-commercial

  3. Purchase land and build heartquarters for United People

  4. Once WE.ME platform is operating smoothly Voters will begin forming the articles of the organization

    1. Via blockchain technology or similar, each member will have the power to vote directly on all areas of the organization.  Truly the people will have the power.  We will decide where and how our resources are best used.

  5. From this point forward  The People will be in control of our collective resources and what we can accomplishment is only limited by the vastness of our collective heart and the extent of our creative intelligence

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