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The impulse for liberation and a prosperous world where no person goes without the essential basic needs of Life has existed throughout time immemorial.  It existed in the heart of the Visionary Inventor Nikola Tesla, the Great Speech of Charlie Chaplin and now in the Foundation of United People.  However, until now, the people were not ready to unite.  We were divided in our hearts, heads and hands.  Thus we were quite easily conquered and manipulated in order to line the purses of the wealthy businessmen and politicians.  During the Roman Empire, the Colosseum was used to distract the mob while the politicians pursued their agendas, and Julius Caesar found that a nation of peoples could easily be conquered and brought under his dominion with very little resources expended by Rome.  This was accomplished utilizing the strategy of divide and conquer.  Never before now in our recorded history have the masses united together as one family to create prosperity for all on this planet.  Now, we call all people, across all lands to unite together as the biggest, most powerful, intelligent and compassionate Mega-force the world has ever seen.

The moment is now!  Join US today!!

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