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We are the people.  Billions of People of every size, shape and color.  We are bakers, bankers and candlestick makers.  We are mothers, brothers and all others.  We are rich and we are poor, and somewhere in between.  We have big hearts, small heads and are just well proportioned.  We are liberal in our beliefs and conservative in our politics.  We stand with one foot in the red and the other in the blue.  Wherever we stand, we stand for something.  Our heart is purple.  Or is it green?  Who knows!? We are nationalists, socialists and anarchists too. We were schooled in the highest of schools and educated in the school of hard-knocks.  We are good with our hands and know how to use our heads.  We speak all languages and often don’t speak at all.  Sometime we are misunderstood due to our inability to communicate, other times our words are s-words that pierce the heart of truth. We are one tribe, one human family of billions of unique people.  We recognize we are in this Life together and share a common home we call Earth.  We all need clean air to breath and pure water to drink.  We realize that our lives will be better with unpolluted oceans, clear skies and a world free of poverty.  We desire safety for our children and that none go to bed hungry but rather bellies filled with delicious nutritious food.  Clean/renewable energy excites us.  We recognize that there are fundamental elements to the well-Being of all Life.  For this we are united.  We honor where we are the same and where we are different.  We respect both.  We are the people....Unique Individuals United in Heart through Art and all living on one Earth. 

Provisional Governance

The organizational structure and operating procedures of United People is determined by the collective will of the members of the organization. Until 144,00 people have joined United People and the WE.ME infrastructure is operating so that members can vote directly on the various areas of operation, the organization will be be managed by our Provisional Chief and Founder, Lamar.  Until voted otherwise, in the capacity of Provisional Chief, Lamar will be responsible for all operations of the organization including: managing the organizations' resources, the development of the WE.ME platform, etc.  Once the WE.ME platform is operational and enough members have joined the organization, Lamar will give up control of the organization to the collective members of United People.

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